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about us

Welcome to Lamu!

I'm Safi, the adventurous soul behind Lamu, and it's my pleasure to tell you our story.

I have created Lamu so that each jewel envelops you in the magic and essence of the place it comes from and shares that passion with you.

I wish you to feel the power and stories imbued in each piece and that they serve as inspiring amulets on your journey towards a more conscious life.

Our jewelry is created by hand by the local artisans with whom we collaborate, with love and dedication , from sustainable and noble materials, such as recycled brass.

They are pieces designed for you, who value quality, uniqueness and who want to shine authentically both in your daily life and in your most special events . 

Believe me, once you wear them, you will never want to take them off!

But Lamu goes beyond jewelry. It is an invitation for you to live authentically , to contribute your own beauty to the world to make it a better place and to dare to be uniquely you .

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We work in collaboration with artisans from different parts of Kenya, ensuring they receive fair payment for their work.


We want you to know exactly where your Lamu jewelry comes from and who gave it life. Because we trust you like you trust us.


With every lamu purchase, you are supporting significant income opportunities for artisans, their families and their communities.

Ready to embark on this exciting adventure?

jewelry with meaning

We are a social company, led by women and focused on people.

Our mission goes beyond fashion, it is to promote authenticity, "slow fashion" and the circular economy. Through ethical commerce, we seek to create a positive and lasting impact on the local communities with which we collaborate.

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the soul of lamu

Furthermore, when you wear your Lamu jewelry, you not only radiate your own light and reflect your unmistakable style on any occasion, you are also contributing to a better future for the artisans who put their hearts into each piece.

We work in collaboration with artisans from different parts of Kenya, ensuring they receive fair payment for their work.

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we take care of our planet

Our love for our planet leads us to choose each material we use with great care. At Lamu, we not only follow trends, we create a sustainable lifestyle. We are passionate about designing collections where every detail matters.

We use ethical and environmentally friendly materials, selected directly from the communities surrounding our artisans in Kenya.

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