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welcome to Upendo

Each jewel in this collection is imbued with a deep love for Kenya

Under the shade of an acacia tree, on a sunny afternoon in Kenya, the magical story of the “Upendo” Collection begins to be weaved. Here, in this captivating corner of Africa, something extraordinary is taking shape.


deep love

"Upendo" means love in Swahili, and each jewel in this collection is imbued with a deep love: for nature, for Kenya and for the craftsmanship that represents it.

Each piece is more than just a jewel, it is an extension of your soul, enriched with a piece of our love and reverence for this magical corner of the world, by choosing "Upendo", you not only enhance your personal style, but also add a touch of love and respect for the world around us.

In Kitengela, just outside Nairobi, Kenya. In a vibrant artists' workshop, bottles are recycled to give life to furniture and different works of art.

But in that wonderful process, some small pieces of glass did not find their place and were discarded. At Lamu, we decided to give them love and a new purpose, a new beginning. It is as if each shard of glass has been waiting to become part of something as special as our “Upendo” Collection.

Choker Izu - LamuBrand

The shades in the collection have not been chosen at random, they all tell a story.

Amber speaks of eternal sunsets over the plains of the Masai Mara, green pays tribute to Mount Kenya and the rolling hills of Ngong, while turquoise and navy blue tones capture the essence of Mombasa's paradisiacal beaches and the majesty of the ocean. Indian that caresses the coasts of Kenya.

We invite you to be the protagonist in this love story, because each piece of “Upendo” that you choose not only adorns your body, it also beautifies your soul, filling it with a little piece of our love and respect for this magical place and its people.

While the wind whispers delicately and the earth exhales its fragrance, the Upendo Collection continues writing its own story, waiting for you to join it too.