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Explore our JuaKali collection, a tribute to all artisans and their incredible skills.

Each piece in this collection is an ode to their efforts, JuaKali jewelry is crafted from mostly recycled brass, each molded with the promise of sustainability and eternity.

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Discover "Uzuri", which in Swahili means "beauty", a collection that pays a majestic tribute to the essences, authenticity and beauty of Africa, translated into sophisticated jewelry that combines perfectly with your day at the office or that special night.

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"Upendo" means love in Swahili, and each jewel in this collection is imbued with a deep love: for nature, for Kenya and for the craftsmanship that represents it.

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Choker Maasai Pemba Azul - LamuBrand


Discover the vibrant world of Kenya with our Maasai collection, full of color and meaning. Handmade by women of the Maasai tribe in Kenya, these jewelry are not only a vibrant addition to your daily style, but also a connection to a rich and lively culture.

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Pulsera Fatima Plateada Ancha - LamuBrand


This collection is a tribute to Morocco's rich heritage and its vibrant artisanal heart. Each piece has been carefully hand-woven in Marrakech, incorporating the traditional 'sfifa', a gold thread used in making bridal caftans.

Hayeti, which means 'my life' in Arabic, encapsulates Moroccan passion and artistry, fusing traditional opulence with a contemporary twist.

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