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welcome to juakali

This collection is a tribute to Kenyan craftsmanship

Under the intense sun of Kenya, where each ray is a brushstroke in a vast palette of natural landscapes, a group of dedicated carpenters, blacksmiths and artisans work and with their masterful hands they forge beauty from adversity, they do it with a surprising dose of innovation and resilience.

They are the JuaKali workers, a Swahili term, which translates as "burning sun", and which is more than just a word, it is a lifestyle for many Kenyans who face extreme conditions to create beauty and feed their families.



Our JuaKali collection is a tribute to all these artisans and their incredible skills.

Each piece in this collection is an ode to their efforts, JuaKali jewelry is crafted from mostly recycled brass, each molded with the promise of sustainability and eternity.

In the forgotten corners of local markets, our artisans find hidden treasures: old padlocks, doorknobs and hinges, discarded and forgotten. But where others would see wear and tear and rust, they see a second chance, a new life. With care and respect for the material, these noble metals are recycled, transforming them into jewelry that are true works of art.

Can you imagine wearing a piece from this collection on an outing with friends? You will feel the elegance that is born from simplicity. Or how about on a romantic date? The story behind each piece of jewelry will be a topic of conversation that adds a special spark to your evening.

JuaKali's sophisticated and elegant design is versatile, ideal for everyday use, but with enough character to make a special occasion unforgettable.

By wearing this jewelry, you will not only showcase an exclusive style but also pay tribute to these hundreds of artisans who create wonders that often remain in the shadows.

It's more than a fashion choice; It is a choice that resonates with our essence, encouraging the circular economy, ethical trade and limitless creativity.

Like the burning sun under which it was born, this collection shines with a brilliance that is impossible to ignore.

And you, bearer of this story, will shine with the same intensity.