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welcome to uzuri

a collection that pays a majestic tribute to the essence, authenticity and beauty of Africa,

Discover "Uzuri", which in Swahili means "beauty", a collection that pays a majestic tribute to the essences, authenticity and beauty of Africa, translated into sophisticated jewelry that combines perfectly with your day at the office or that special night.

Just like in an African sunset, where each color has its place and reason, in "Uzuri" each hue tells a story, which is often left in the shadows but which is too important to be forgotten.


Indomitable BEAUTY

The magic of "Uzuri" lies in the unmatched uniqueness of each creation, as you will not find two Ankole horns that are alike.

The natural tones of these antlers, ranging from pure white, caramel tones and deep black, are a kaleidoscope of the diversity and richness of their homeland, and a mirror of your own uniqueness.

The “UZURI” collection is made with ethically sourced Ankole cow horn and bone, originally from Uganda, giving a second life to what would otherwise be waste, injecting each piece with a unique soul, while also providing additional income to livestock farmers in East Africa.

Thus, with each piece of "Uzuri" that you choose, you not only capture eyes but also hearts, and you become, even for a moment, part of a story of beauty that valorizes the hidden riches of Africa and creates a positive impact on entire communities.