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the materials

I invite you to discover the materials that give life to our unique jewelry

Our love for our planet leads us to choose each material with great care. At Lamu, we not only follow trends, we create a sustainable lifestyle. We are passionate about designing collections where every detail matters. We use ethical and environmentally friendly materials, selected directly from the communities surrounding our artisans in Kenya.

💛 Brass, the Shining Alternative:

 It is not just a metal; It is the 'sustainable gold' that gives light to our collections. 80% of the brass we use comes from recycled everyday objects, such as locks and hinges, giving new life to materials collected in local markets. The remaining 20% ​​is purchased locally, taking care of our carbon footprint.

💎 Glass, Renewed Glamour:

Who said glass can't be glamorous? We reinvent glass using recycled bottles to create dazzling jewelry full of history. Each fragment is inspected, cut and polished before being fused to the brass.

Brazalete Farida Negro - LamuBrand

🐂 Horn and Bone, Recycled Beauty:

Sourced from the stunning Rift Valley in East Africa, our unique cow horn and bone designs are anything but ordinary.

Carefully selected to give a second life to what would be considered waste from the food industry. Each piece is a unique combination of tones, from deep blacks to natural, striated tones.

🌳 Wood, Sustainability Stories:

The wood we use in our jewelry comes from remnants of carpentry workshops in Nairobi. We transform those "imperfect" pieces of wood, ignored by others, into beautiful pieces of jewelry.

🌟 Packaging, The icing on the cake

Every detail of your Lamu experience reflects our sustainable and conscious essence. From the first look at our box to the brochure you discover inside, everything has been designed with ecological responsibility. We opt for FSC-endorsed paper and cardboard and prioritize recycled materials whenever possible.

We stay away from plastics and are constantly evolving towards being a zero waste brand.

The distinctive African "wax" bags in which you will receive your Lamu jewelry are made in Nairobi in partnership with a local workshop, using scraps from their previous projects. This initiative not only reinforces our commitment to sustainability, but also generates additional financial support for the workshop and gives you a reusable packaging full of history and meaning.

All our packaging is designed to complement and celebrate your commitment to a conscious lifestyle.