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the artisans

Meet the people behind the creations of


"I invite you to explore the stories behind each of our jewels, where you will not only find captivating designs, but also a mosaic of Kenyan cultural heritage.

By collaborating with local artisans, the essence of our business is their passion and uniqueness.

We firmly believe in cultivating solid, long-term working relationships of trust, based on ethical trade, the circular economy, honesty, shared values ​​and continuous improvement.

Our approach not only underlines our values ​​but also establishes a steady stream of income for our artisan partners directly benefiting their communities in Kenya, supporting a business model that is both ethical and sustainable."

Safi, Founder Lamu


“Hello, I am Josephat originally from Masinga in Machakos County, Kenya. I started in the world of jewelry in 2008, working for others in various workshops in Nairobi, but already in 2010, I decided to be my own boss and established myself, specializing in creating jewelry from brass and glass or semi-precious stones such as agates. .My biggest dream, beyond my own success, is to help train young artisans in the jewelry business. I want to offer them the tools and knowledge so they can find the same success and satisfaction that I have found. It is not just about teaching them how to make jewelry, but instilling in them the confidence to become successful entrepreneurs. If you like the pieces I make, you are not only taking a piece of my art, but also contributing to my dream. I hope you enjoy your jewelry as much as I enjoyed making it.”


“Hello, my name is Janet and my story with Lamu began even before the brand was founded in 2021. Long before it was not unusual to see Safi in the lively Maasai markets of Nairobi, where I had my own stall full of jewelry and art . His curiosity was contagious; She always wanted to learn more about the traditions and techniques behind our creations and always had many questions. Sometimes, our conversations turned into spontaneous collaborations in my workshop in Kibera, where together we would bring exclusive designs to life, either for herself or for Give as a gift to your friends and family. Today, seeing how my creations are appreciated in Spain fills me with joy and pride. It's as if each piece sent is a little piece of my world, spreading its wings to touch another. "I can't wait to see where this exciting chapter with Lamu takes us."


Hello, I'm Rose, although everyone in town knows me as Mama Rose. I am a proud Maasai woman and together with my daughter Myriam, we are the soul behind the brass pieces and glass beads that Lamu offers you. Living in rural areas limits our job opportunities, but thanks to this wonderful collaboration, we not only bring home bread, but also keep Maasai heritage alive. Each piece that leaves our hands is a chapter in our history and a legacy of love for our children. So, while we preserve our traditions, we also open doors to a brighter future for generations to come.


Hello, I'm Zangi. From my creative corner in Kibera, I transform Ankole horn and metal into unique jewelry for Lamu. For me, every day in the workshop is a mix of passion and challenges, this trade is more than a job; It is my passion, my life. Sure, there are challenging days, but those moments when I see someone truly appreciate the art we've created, I feel a kind of satisfaction that's hard to put into words. This job not only fills my soul, but also fills the plates on our tables. Thanks to the collaboration with Lamu and other brands, both national and global, we achieve a constant flow of income that allows us to support our families.


"Hi, I'm John, one of the artisans who collaborates with Lamu. Do you know one thing that makes me very proud of our work? The conscious choice we make of materials for each unique piece we create. We only use materials, which are They source directly from local sources close to where we live and work in Kenya.

I want you to know that every time you wear one of our jewelry or accessories, you are wearing a piece of our land and tradition. I hope you are as proud to wear it as we are to make it."