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Our Vision + Impact

At Lamu we are a social company, led by women, focused on people and connecting artisans and designers from different parts of Africa with you.

Our mission goes beyond fashion, it is to promote authenticity, "slow fashion" and the circular economy. Through ethical commerce, we seek to create a positive and lasting impact on the local communities with which we collaborate.

We believe that jewelry, in a world where mass production often overshadows the value of handmade work, is a form of expression and a platform to create positive change in the world. In our designs, African culture and jewelry design come together, creating unique pieces that tell a story and bring African tradition closer to you, creating a bridge that connects two worlds.

We work in collaboration with artisans from different parts of Kenya, ensuring they receive fair payment for their work. Thus, when choosing a Lamu jewel, you are not only acquiring a jewel, but a door to authenticity and ancient African techniques.

With every purchase from Lamu, you are supporting significant income opportunities for artisans in Kenya, their families and their communities.